As some of you may have read recently, SolarWinds conducted a survey of 401 US-based system administrators. We asked a lot of questions about their life inside and outside of the workplace, and as you might expect, we specifically asked what their primary job function was. The top two answers were related to tasks involving installing, operating, maintaining and supporting computer systems. You can review the full survey results here, and discuss the results in our forum.


Performing the various tasks involved with installing, operating, maintaining, and supporting computer systems requires the use of a disparate set of tools. For example, installing operating systems typically requires physical access to machines, but sometimes is done from server-based toolsets that are accessed remotely. Operating computers may seem very simple – you just sit at the keyboard -- but sometimes those systems being operated are across the room, downstairs in the basement, or maybe even across town, so sitting at the keyboard is not physically possible. Maintaining systems is a never-ending, ongoing, task that quite often requires working on multiple systems simultaneously. Supporting systems is even more complex, not just because of the physical location of the systems, but also because, quite often, other computer users are involved in the equation.


One of the things that can help significantly simplify this process of installing, operating, maintaining, and supporting computer systems is a consolidated toolset with a consistent user interface. It also improves productivity by reducing the amount of time a system administrator spends performing "context switches" from one application to another.


DameWare Remote Support provides a comprehensive suite of IT support software that allows a system administrator to manage files, services and logs on a system, to reboot the system, or logon remotely and take full control of a system, or perform remote desktop sharing with a logged-on user to assist them in resolving an issue. It also provides tools for active directory management, including a group policy editor. Being able to perform all of these tasks from a single, streamlined interface, designed for the special needs of a system administrator can significantly increase the efficiency of performing the daily tasks of the job. A fully-functional 14-day evaluation copy of DameWare Remote Support is available for you right now.