Got any zombies on your network?


That probably depends on how you define “zombie,” right?


Virtual Machine Zombies


A zombie could be a lost, lone virtual machine languishing on your network. Or a zombie might be a dummy machine, taken over by a spammer, sending out spam messages whenever it’s ordered to.


Whether you’re dealing with a virtual machine running amuck—or not running at all, or too many virtual machines to keep track of, or even possible PCs taken over by hackers, SolarWinds may have some answers. Are you working with Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare’s vSphere? Are you running Windows 7, CentOS, OS X, Windows Server 2003, or Linux? SolarWinds has options for getting your zombies, or any other virtual machines, under control. If you’ve got one of these kinds of zombies, get a virtualization overview, by taking a peek at Hyper-VTM vs. vSphereTM: Understanding the Differences. Then learn more about what you can do to control your virtual environment, with powerful configuration and management products like SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. And free tools, like SolarWinds VM Monitor and VM Console for monitoring, starting, and stopping virtual machines.


Flesh-eating Zombies


Or, since it’s Halloween, we can’t forget to recognize the original, flesh- eating kind of zombies from Sean of the Dead. A quick search of the Internet reveals that that kind of zombie has been taking over Pittsburgh and Sioux Falls.


If you’ve got one of those zombies on your network, you’ve got trouble bigger than what we can help you with here. Better grab a baseball bat and RUN!