Network_Engineer_Examining_Server.JPGAs a network engineer, you're no doubt intimately familiar with the various species of conventional network hardware and related equipment: servers, routers, cables, switches, and, of course, more cables. There's a lot of stuff that goes into a network, and eventually that stuff breaks, gets old, or just plain needs replacing. As such, you've probably got a list right now of stuff that needs to be fixed or replaced. And since, as a network engineer, you've either got a boss somewhere who signs your checks or you have the dubious privilege of paying the bills for your operation yourself, saving a few bucks is probably in line with your immediate interests.


That's also why you refer to your list is a wish list. Wishes can come true, but it's usually at a price. How do you optimize your network while maximizing the black numbers in your bottom line?


Cost-effective Network Optimization

You're here, so you probably already know that SolarWinds can help you stretch your network management dollar pretty far (i.e. SolarWinds gives you FREE STUFF). There are also a number of ways you can update your network equipment to make your network faster and greener, too, which will likely save you some money, and maybe even a few headaches, so this post is the first in a series that will explore a few of your possibly lesser-known options for making your network faster, greener, and cheaper.


First up: make it greener with EnergyWise.


Make it Greener with EnergyWise

EnergyWise is a technology Cisco introduced a few years ago on their Catalyst line of switches. You may already have it on some of your switches right now, just waiting for you to enable it. if you don't already have a few EnergyWise-capable devices in use, you should consider deploying some. So, what does it do?


Saving Energy and Money with EnergyWise

In short, EnergyWise helps you save energy on your network. With a little bit of effort, you can configure an EnergyWise-enabled switch to automatically power itself down or, similarly, to power down any connected Power-over-Ethernet device on a schedule of your choosing. For more information about the technology itself, see Cisco EnergyWise Technology at Quite simply, effectively managing energy in your enterprise, even if it is simply a matter of turning stuff off when you're not using it, saves you money, and saving money is good business.


Managing EnergyWise with SolarWinds

Both SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager provide EnergyWise-specific network management resources. For more information about monitoring EnergyWise-enabled devices, see "Monitoring EnergyWise Devices" in the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Administrator Guide.