For some of us, a trip to the doctor includes the doctor inputting our information into our medical record using their computer or tablet. The updated record saves to the medical office’s server. Your information can then go anywhere from a medical billing office, to your insurance company’s claims office, to your pharmacy, or back to your primary care doctor’s office


What Does this Mean for EHR Security?


Safeguards for Keeping EHRs Available and Secure

Keeping data secure requires physical and online safeguards. For mobile devices, enforcing secure passwords and encryption, as well as rules on keeping  mobile devices in close physical proximity can help. And of course, storing the data from mobile devices on network servers or clouds can ensure data availability. Networked data security and availability is what SolarWinds does, with network security tools, like:

  • Log and Event Manager Collects log and event data from devices and performs true real-time correlation, enabling you to automatically take action against threats.
  • Mobile Admin -– Quickly deploys secure mobile access for mobile devices and IT management technologies with one integrated mobile application.
  • Firewall Security Manager – Automates security audits and simplifies firewall troubleshooting for multi-vendor, Layer-3 network devices.