I am proud to be a geek, even though I don't look like one. I came up with the idea for this geeky analogy after an unpleasant experience of choosing my "free," upgraded phone. Naturally, it wasn't free, nothing ever is. (I will not discuss my carrier's questionable sales tactics, despite my frustration.) Anyway, I realized I had a choice to make when upgrading my phone. Stick with the Android, or switch to an iphone or a Windows phone. Decisions, decisions. What to do? Undoubtedly, the iphone is the king of the touch-screen phone realm, but being a programmer and geek extraordinaire, I like to tinker.


iphone: I didn't find the iphone to be a suitable match because of the restrictions Apple imposed. There were certain features of the phone I simply could not change or access, lest I jailbreak the thing. If I have to hack a phone to get it to do what I want, then it's not for me. Mind you I am capable of doing so, but seriously? Have we really come to this? Hacking phones to do something fairly routine? iphone cool, but not a good fit.


Windows phone: I love experimenting and I thought this puppy was gonna be great. Microsoft operating systems on both my PC and phone? Xanadu! Then I turned it on and spent two hours "tinkering." My new Windows phone had the exact same restrictions that the iphone had! I was stupefied. Brought the clunker back to the store.


Android: Disappointed and frustrated, I exchanged my shiny new Windows phone for a shiny new Android. Look at that! All the restrictions the other two phones had were not present with my new Android. Needless to say, I was very pleased with my final decision. I can do everything I want with my phone.


Moral of the Story.

I almost find it odd that I didn't base my choice of phones on the quality of the calls. (Who talks on the phone anymore?) The features were there in all three types of phones. My choice was based almost solely on the lack of restrictions the phone had, in addition to the availability of settings. Customization was important to me, very important.


What's this got to do with network and application monitoring software?

Everything. No two network and application monitoring environments are equal. No two Admins are equal. I suspect, like me, you want to be able to tinker and customize your software to suit your needs. (Where's the fun in everyone driving a green 1994 Mazda 626?) You want your dashboard to highlight what you care about. Your reports and alerts need to provide you the information you want. You want to be able to use your cell phone to monitor your environment. With SAM, the options and settings are there.


Server & Application Monitor (SAM) has settings galore!

In fact, even its settings has settings! Customize to your heart's content with SAM. How you set up your monitoring environment is as unique as a snowflake. See for yourself!