I'm new to IT storage management, for me, storage monitoring is first-hand and the first things I asked were: Who needs storage management and why do they need it? How important is it to have an efficient storage performance monitoring system? Here’s what I found:

  • The primary goal of storage management is the timely, free flow of information.
  • If your businesses is using storage on a network, you are a good candidate for storage management software.
  • Effective storage management improves reliability, scalability, security, and efficiency.
  • Effective storage management maximizes productivity, saves money, anticipates future needs, and mitigates risks by notifying teams when there is a problem.


Okay, this is good information, but how does storage management software meet these lofty objectives? Some examples of what a storage management solution can do:

  • Monitor data and balance loads on volumes, RAID groups and, storage pools
  • Monitor DAS, NAS, and SAN performance capabilities
  • Provide real-time information on the performance and status of your storage environment
  • Identify how storage resources are used and predict future usage patterns


Many businesses choose to use mixed vendor storage solutions. Using storage devices from different vendors offers cost and feature flexibility. But these heterogeneous storage environments can lead to storage management nightmares. Storage Manager powered by Profiler is the leading third-party storage management solution for monitoring and managing multi-vendor devices. Examples of supported devices include NetApp ®, EMC ®, IBM ®, HP ®, Dell ®, Sun ®, and many other NAS, SAN, and Fibre Channel vendors.


I was surprised to learn that storage management and having a storage performance monitoring software is often an afterthought and comes into focus after a problem is encountered. Solarwinds has a need-for-speed storage management solution. You can quickly download Storage Manager, install it, and learn to use it so you can find and fix storage fires.


I feel like a spelunker in a vast cave system. Storage management is complex, but I am determined. Stay tuned as I continue my adventure.