As you all know, part of what we value here at SolarWinds is the connection with IT users – all of you – who have a job to do every day and use our products to get that job done.  Now normally we don’t announce new roles publicly but since these individuals will be very visible on thwack and other forums, I wanted to take the time to introduce the role and both of them.


As a techie at heart, it’s always challenging to find real knowledgeable help when you need it most. Normally it’s just when you are in the middle of doing something that you run into a brick wall.  That is when you go in search of those folks (the geeks) who’ve already walked the path you’re trying to walk so you can avoid the lengthy detours that they took to get to their destination.  Well the new geek role at SolarWinds is targeted squarely at this problem – our geeks are the real thing.


You’ll find the SolarWinds geeks on thwack, you’ll find them on other forums too, answering questions, developing useful content (how-to’s etc) that help make your life a little bit easier.   They both know a lot about our products and systems and network management so no question is too tough.


Patrick Hubbard is our new Networking Geek.  Patrick has been with SolarWinds for many years but has been involved in IT since the dawn of time.  Patrick is the guy at SolarWinds credited with putting together the live demos that many of you have used, and he knows a ton about networking.  Patrick’s thwack profile.


Lawrence Garvin is a Microsoft MVP and is well known in MS sysadmin circles, he’s a techie at heart and like many of you spends a fair bit of time learning new technologies in his spare time so feel free to throw your systems questions Lawrence’s way. Lawrence’s thwack profile.


Both of these guys are an invaluable resource to SolarWinds and we hope going forward for all of you. If you have ideas of topics you really want them to cover you can drop either of them a line ( and