It's that time again. Time to vote for your favorite politicians (or "the lesser of two evils" as we have all probably joked with a smirk). Like me, you probably feel like your vote doesn't really count. We have over 300 million people in the U.S. and one vote feels like a drop in the ocean. You spend months learning the issues and backing your guy, only to find that the day after the election, he lost. It can be frustrating. So what's this got to do with technology? Good question.


The Politics of Software Development.

I'm guessing many of you never have worked for a company that develops software. (It's wonderful, trust me.) One of the amazing things about creating software is how new features get implemented in future releases. Think about it. Where do these new feature ideas come from? The Product Manager just doesn't make them up willy-nilly. Like any company manager, his ultimate goal is to increase sales. How does he do that? Answer: Give the people what they're clamoring for. (At least that's how it works here.)


A perfect example of this is the host of new features SAM has incorporated within the last two releases. Within one year, SAM has added tons of new features. Here are just of few:

  • Hardware Health Monitoring
  • Native support for Hyper-V
  • Multi-Edit Templates
  • Support for Google's Chrome
  • A Real Time Process Explorer

All of the new feature ideas came from the users. The Project Managers just have to determine how much time we have and how much money we can spend on them. Other than that, the users are doing the driving.


The Vote that Really Counts

Out of the 300+ million people in this country, only a small percentage actually vote. How many people do you think vote for new features in software they use? The answer is fewer than you think. I cannot give you an exact number; however, I have counted aloud higher in the third grade. (I was actually amazed that a handful of users could help drive a product as enormous as SAM.)


So what's stopping you?

When you ask or vote for a new feature, your voice is heard. It really is! Most of the staff, including the Project Managers, hang out here on thwack. (Some of us even hang here on our off time, just for fun.) This is the place that new ideas and features come from. Who better to improve the products than the people who use them on a daily basis? Think of your vote as a drop in a shot glass, as opposed to the ocean.


Cast your Vote! (No ID required)

Poke around this page, do a little reading and research, then think about features that would benefit you, and most likely others, the most. A good tip is to give a real world example as to how your feature request would benefit you and your monitoring environment. And hey, if your feature makes it in a future release, smile (sans smirk) knowing that you actually did make a difference.