When it comes to ice cream, some people like vanilla. Some people like chocolate. Some like strawberry. And in a pinch, some people will choose a fig newton. While figs are fine, they aren't ice cream . And if you want ice cream, a fig newton isn't going to fit the bill.

In the same way, if you're looking for a server and application management product, you should consider buying an actual server and application management product. Because if you're looking at WUG, you're looking at a "network management toolset" (their words, not mine.) While they do provide some server and application monitoring capabilities, that is not the focus of their product. So if you're choosing between WUG and Server & Appliction Monitor (SAM), please take a look at the chart below, and then read up more on this page.



WUG even admits that they offer "entry level application monitoring" because that 's not their focus with the product. It's not made for your use case, and ultimately, you're probably not going to find what you need in the application.


Here's our Top Five Reasons to Choose the right server monitoring tool SAM,


1. Ease of set up and ongoing use.

2. Robust application support.

3. Expert Templates - know what counters are important, what thresholds are optimal, and how to fix issues in your environment.

4. Virtualization monitoring is included!

5. Enterprise scalability at all license levels.



Oh - and here's an extra bonus to consider - WUG's technical support hours are pretty thin. They are closed on US holidays, and you'll only find them in the office M, W-F 9am to 6pm. EST On Tuesday they sleep in a bit, as support doesn't open until 10:30. These hours can make it really rough on people on the West Coast, Europe, or just about anywhere where you could need help /something might break outside of banker's hours. In contrast, SolarWinds support is 365/7/24 because we know things tend to go wrong when it's most inconvenient, and we want to be there to help.


We invite you to compare and contrast, and do let us know your thoughts. Again, you find out more and download SAM, the ideal server performance monitoring tool on this page.