The Affordable Care Act and Network Security – Are You Ready?


Worried about how the Affordable Care Act’s requirements are going to affect your network in 2014? January 2014 is when U.S. states are required to have Health Insurance Exchanges (HIEs) available for consumers to buy health insurance from. Access to the HIEs is going to be online. Your networks will be supporting more confidential patient information than ever. Compliance will become even especially important, as thousands of new users become part of your network.


What About HIPAA?

And how does the Affordable Care Act affect the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)? HIPAA governs the privacy of patient medical records, especially electronic records and communications. What does this all mean for you, the network administrator who works for a State Health and Human Services office, a health insurance company, or a medical office or hospital?


New Requirements Are Coming

According to the REPORT ON PATIENT PRIVACY, an online journal for the healthcare industry, many new privacy and security requirements are probably going to apply to the health plans, medical providers, and states involved in HIEs. HIPAA is unlikely to apply across organizations involved in HIEs, because they’re not necessarily sharing the same information HIPAA covers.


Policy-based Tools

How will you ensure your network meets these new requirements? What kind of monitoring and security will you use? Is what you already have in place good enough?

If you’re already working with policy-based network tools, you’re off to a great start. Policy-based network monitoring and security software are incredibly flexible, so you can customize what your network does or doesn’t allow. Policy-based tools also let you change your policies so you can adapt to developing requirements as they happen.


For a closer look at what you can do to enhance your network monitoring and security, take a look at what SolarWinds' IT Management software has to offer. There’s everything from log and event management to network monitoring and security. So you can be ready for whatever 2014 may bring.