I recently read a PC World article comparing the top cloud services for business and personal use. In their comparison of the top collaboration tools, they listed the new version of Microsoft Office 365, which basically takes the Office suite and puts it on the web. This got me thinking about the proliferation of web consoles in the IT space and otherwise -- in a world where everyone expects their data and applications to be at their fingertips, it's not surprising that IT pros are similarly expectant. Now, many of our tried and true tools of the trade have web interfaces, and I think that's pretty cool. Web consoles allow you to use tools remotely without having to remote into your management machine, and many of them even allow you to view the websites on mobile devices. What's more, web consoles can give non-administrative users read-only access to the data they want to see without giving them the keys to the kingdom. Like I said: Cool.


Taking Management and Monitoring Consoles to the Web

During my time here at SolarWinds, I've watched as we've taken several product consoles to the web. Most of the original SolarWinds products were built for the web (for example, when I joined SolarWinds, Network Performance Monitor network monitoring software was mostly online). Others have had to make a small journey to get there. One such example is Patch Manager, the ideal patch management solution. Earlier this month, we announced version 1.80, which introduces a read-only web console for Patch Manager administrators to view critical data about the patch management performance and compliance throughout their organizations. Administrators can even assign Windows or non-Windows accounts full or limited access to the console without giving those users access to the full administrative console. Having worked with this product since we acquired EminentWare at the beginning of the year, I think this is going to be a great addition to any patching environment.


For additional information about this new version of Patch Manager, patch management. Check out the announcement on our Product Blog, or download the free trial.