We’ve received an email from Manage Engine proposing that they would like an “independent” expert to work on a comparison of SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor and Manage Engine’s Applications Monitor. Their idea is to ask an “independent expert” [READ: ANALYST] who covers the application performance management market and compares lists of features without regard to the usability or true value of those features.  They don’t measure the complete ROI from the customer’s eyes.  Our idea of an "independent expert" is the user…  the sysadmins and IT guys that actually do the work and use the product everyday to solve problems. 


We know thousands of those experts.., we call them our customers.


What is important to our customers is something that we understand.  And we know the answer through hundreds of daily interactions with customers and our product management team on thwack and through customer surveys. 

What is important to our customers boils down to this:
• How proactive is the product at solving server monitoring problems – does it have the right features?
• How long does it take to set up?
• How intuitive is the server performance monitoring tool for the user?
• How much time does it save?
• How much value does the server monitor tool provide relative to its true cost?


In the end, why should our customers believe some “independent” expert when the products are freely downloadable from the web.  We want real users to compare for themselves.  Anyone can download Server & Application Monitor for a free-30 day trial here. Do your own comparison with Manage Engine Applications Monitor, and document your findings on thwack.com, in the Spread the Word section.