Software as a Service (SaaS) sounds like a terrific deal, because it requires relatively little money up front. You only pay for what you use each month. And then there’s no worry about upgrades, support, or maintenance. All you have to do is pay and play, right?


Well, it’s not necessarily that simple. For example, with SaaS, how much control do you have over your business data? How do you know your data is secure, always accessible and compliant, and won’t be lost during an outage? (Think of’s worldwide outages this summer, which affected some 70,000 customers.) Or what about the security of your own network, now that you’re hooked into the cloud? Who else has access to that? Is this really the game you want to play?


And then there are the SaaS costs, which may or may not be cheaper than managing your company’s data in house. How much does it cost you when you when your SaaS provider has an outage or a security breach and you can’t access your data? Or what about if you need additional services, like testing, monitoring, and extra security for your data? How do those extra services affect the fees you pay for SaaS?


Before making big decisions about your data, get the all the facts. Determine all your potential options and all their costs. Evaluate your access, availability, and security needs. And take a look at SolarWinds’ Cloud Computing 101: The Need-to-Know-Basics video. The video offers up valuable information on SaaS and its variations, as well as the different types of cloud computing.