A Trip Down Amnesia Lane.

Remember when computers used bloated CRT monitors and AOL was still fighting for survival as the internet with training wheels? Remember life before wi-fi, cell phones, and apps? Pretty ugly, huh? If you were a SysAdmin during this dark time, you were pretty much chained to your desk trying to solve a host of problems using little more than your experience for reference. Wanted to leave the office for lunch? Puh-lease.

Application and Network Monitoring Eases your Life.

You know it does. Troubleshooting applications and networking issues has never been easier than it is today, with the right software. Simply look at a computer screen and your entire networked world appears before you. Gone are the days of figuring out where the problems are coming from. Your only concern at this point is fixing the problems the software already found for you. (Pretty slick.) But you’re not out of the office yet.

I Really Love my Phone.

To me, the right apps and mobile websites on your phone are kind of like what motorcycles are to husbands. Think about it. If you're a SysAdmin, you can finally get out of the office! Go to lunch, take a vacation, ride that motorcycle. The advent of mobile tools allows you see what’s going on in your world from virtually anywhere in the real world, instantly. This benefits you, the SysAdmin.



Imagine you’re on vacation and lounging by the pool sipping a Piña Colada. Suddenly, you get an alert email on your phone that Server XYZ is down! Relax. Go to the web console of your monitoring software from your phone, examine the issue, and then determine what needs to be done. Look at that, you also have a phone and email client right in your hand. All the tools you need to monitor your network, diagnose problems, and communicate are right in the palm of your hand! The point is, now, you will always be in the loop, and sometimes in the water.


Motto: Mobile monitoring software = mobile you.