Audit - The word alone puts panic in everyone’s heart. The idea of having to do one for your entire network drops you to your knees and makes you reach for that comforting Mountain Dew. If you had network security management software, and had it configured properly, this would be a piece of cake for you. But you don’t. Now I’ll tell you why you should:

    • Networks are never completely secure. You can have a user that downloads software they found online and  another who is surfing the internet reading all those funny memes. But little does either know that they are also downloading a virus. This can cause havoc on your network.
    • Networks change. Hardware is added, removed, and changed. Operating systems are updated and new patches/updates are released.


You should take a baseline record of your network for comparison reasons. Performing regular network audits allows you to keep up with all the changes around you without having to live off Mountain Dew and pull your hair out every time something goes wrong. Comparing your baseline with your current network configuration can save you hours of detective work.


Using SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM), you can create a baseline, configure alerts, and have notifications sent to you when something changes on your network. Auditors typically require that IT administrators review the critical events, simply put a event log analysis on their networks on a daily basis, and LEM includes over 300 “audit-proven” templates to assist with keeping track of events.