Do you have a lot of money sitting around, gathering dust? You do? Can I come over to visit?


Really though, in these days of “tighten your belt” budgets, it’s difficult to justify spending many thousands of dollars for software, many more thousands to implement it, and even more each year in maintenance. So if you’re considering HP SiteScope, you might take a look at SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, the effective server monitoring tool and see just how far your budget can go. Spending wisely does not always mean sacrificing power and performance, sometimes it just means shopping at the right place.




SAM’s evaluation period is 30 days, while HP’s is only 10 – which can make it hard to get a full picture of how the software fits into your environment. Plus, SAM, server performance monitoring tool is so easy to use, you can implement it and start monitoring your hardware, servers, and apps in no time. See the full comparison of HP SiteScope and SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor here.