Manage Engine recently wrote a response to our comparison post on Manage Engine’s Applications Monitor versus SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM).  They are spot on in their response that SolarWinds provides only conventional server and application monitoring capabilities.  The reason why we do this is because that is where the market is today.  Most businesses are not at the high standard of APM that Gartner holds dear; most are just trying to simply get basic monitoring up and running.  Many of the more advanced APM capabilities, like advanced analytics and transaction tracing, are great capabilities, but they are a bear to deploy, and expensive to boot.


Regarding Manage Engine’s statement that SolarWinds is a financially driven company, well that is true as well.  We believe that the path to success is through customer success and retention.  If our customers are happy, then we see the business benefits as well.  We provide customer satisfaction through our unique combination of usability, scalability, price and having all the important features that matters to our users, and we continue to deliver new value to existing customers through new product releases (for each product) twice a year.  The industry standard is a new release about every 18 months; you will also see the industry standard for software renewals is much lower than the SolarWinds standard.


So yes, we are proud of our server monitoring tool, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, the ideal server performance monitoring tool (and we guess the thousands of SAM users are as well).  Check out our on-line demo (go to Applications tab, and click manage applications) to see the 100’s of applications supported.  Or better yet, download SAM, “the real thing”, and make the comparison for yourself.  Download a free 30 day trial of SAM, server monitor here.


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