"There's an app for that" is one of my favorite slogans. Do you want to look up a famous quote? Count your consumed calories? Look up a reference on regular expressions? There's an app for that. There are probably several hundred apps for that.


Do you need to remotely manage your network? Restart your servers? Manage user access? There are apps for that too.


Now, which platforms or technologies do you use? What devices? Oh, how about which version? There are apps for all of that too.


App Proliferation


Ignoring the irony of getting a palmtop computer some decade after the first consumer push fizzled out, I like to use my not-PDA to do fun stuff.


I've got a couple of screens of fun stuff - the dork around screen, the gaming screen, the news screen, etc. And then I have my work screen.


Except, it's not one screen. It's multiple screens. Email apps, office apps, schedulers, help desk apps, activity monitors, RDP apps, terminal apps, vendor specific apps (Cisco has more than 25 apps), network monitors - IT professionals have an entirely too large pool of applications that they need to have.


Let's not forget the multiple platforms - Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows. Sometimes, you'll get an app for one platform and not the other.  That's a lot of platforms and a whole lot of apps for anybody.  And all these apps are very useful, especially if you're on call or some big project is coming due.  It's a far cry from carrying a pager everywhere and staying close to your office or home computer.  And, technically, it's better than a lugging around a (no doubt stylish and light-weight) laptop whenever you go out.


But, you know, you're on the go, you're doing something more interesting than work.  Getting a call or text while you're out relaxing is really annoying and can put the damper on anyone's day.  And then you flip to the work screen. And then you flip to the other work screen.  And sometimes you flip back and forth because you can't find that stupid app that you can use to fix the problem without getting up and going back to the office.


A Single Solution


Wouldn't it be nice to have a single app for all that? Or at least an app that could interface with multiple products so you don't have as many apps?  Funnily enough, there are apps for that too.


SolarWinds has a solution, Mobile Admin, that supports a slew of technologies from a single app, and that app is available on the major platforms. You can even manage Domino servers with it. It's client-server based, so the app doesn't have a large footprint. You connect to the server through your mobile device and the server takes care of the heavy lifting.  Check out this whitepaper for more information on how Mobile Admin works.