Today, SolarWinds introduces DameWare Remote Support, formerly NT Utilities, version 9.  This latest release adds some exciting new features that enhance DameWare’s already powerful remote support tools.



What is Remote Support?



Remote support can be broken down into two categories: remote administration and remote control.



Remote Administration


Remote administration can be defined as any task that a system administrator performs on a remote machine without actually taking it over and controlling it remotely.  Some examples of this are starting and stopping services, viewing event logs, and monitoring system performance.


Consider the following scenario.   A system administrator receives a phone call from a user who is complaining about slow system performance.  Normally, the sys admin would need to go to the user’s desk and troubleshoot the problem directly on the computer or worse, guide the user through some troubleshooting steps over the phone.  With remote administration tools, the sys admin can simply troubleshoot the problem without leaving his/her desk.  In this case, the sys admin might want to look at the processes running on the user’s computer to see if one is taking up a large amount of memory or CPU time.  If the sys admin were helping the user by phone, he/she would have to guide the user through the steps of discovering what the process is and then perhaps stopping it.  With remote administration tools, the sys admin simply finds the runaway process, determines what it is, and stops it if necessary.




Now remote administration includes advanced Wake-on-LAN (WoL) features as well.  DameWare Remote Support version 9 incorporates Intel’s Advanced Management Technology (AMT) into its suite of remote administration tools.  With these new features, system administrators can turn on computers that are either sleeping or powered off.  They can also reboot computers that are crashed or non-responsive.  So, if a system administrator receives a call from a user who is complaining about a non-responsive computer, the computer can simply be restarted right from a software console at the sys admin’s desk.


DRS_Wake On Lan.png



Remote Control


Remote control is a feature that allows a system administrator to take control of a remote computer and use it as if he/she was sitting at its keyboard.  DameWare Remote Support now allows you to remotely control Mac OS X and Linux computers in addition to Windows computers opening up the realms of remote support for Mac and remote support for Linux to DameWare users.


This is an especially handy feature when troubleshooting software problems on a user’s computer that is located across a building or at another site altogether.  Imagine a situation in which a user is having a problem with software installed on a computer running Mac OS X in a remote location.  With remote control software, a system administrator can logon to the user’s computer and control it from a console on his/her own computer.




DameWare Remote Support combines remote administration tools with remote control tools to help system administrators support mixed-OS environments without ever leaving their desks.  To see a list of the new features included in DameWare Remote Support version 9, check out the following link: