Hardware Health and You.

Ok, you've installed Server and Application Monitor (SAM), got it up and running, and are now monitoring the health of your hardware. A quick glance at the web console and you notice all is well with your hardware. Hold on, what's that? You discover a fan on a server in Austin is in a critical state. How does SAM , your effective server monitoring tool know this when you haven't even set a single threshold?

Behold, the Home of the Threshold.

The thresholds SAM uses to monitor your hardware do not come from within SAM directly. Rather, these hardware thresholds are pre-programmed by the hardware monitoring agent software that generally comes with your hardware. In order for SAM to monitor hardware at all, this software must already be installed. This software is what SAM,  application monitor uses to report back to you.

You Want to Change These Thresholds? Slow Down.

That's fine as far as SAM's concerned. However, the hardware monitoring agent software may have something to say about it. The hardware monitoring agent software is written by the manufacturer, therefore, if they say it's okay to change the thresholds, change away. If not, then sorry, tough toodles.

What Am I Looking for?

You're looking for something that looks like this:

In this case, the hardware monitoring agent software is Dell's OpenManage Server Administrator. Poking around here may allow you to set and change certain thresholds for Dell servers. Once changed and saved, SAM, your ideal server performance monitoring tool will adjust its readings accordingly.

For more information, see this very helpful section of the Administrator's Guide.