Need to know the basics of MAPI? Read on.


Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) is a Microsoft Windows API that enables you to send email from within a Windows application. Programs that use MAPI include word processors, spreadsheets, and graphics applications. For example, programmers who are using Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology access MAPI by using Microsoft's Collaboration Data Objects (CDO). The CDO library comes with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). MAPI functions can be accessed by programmers using a host of different programming languages.


A MAPI "session" is a specific connection between the client and the MAPI program. MAPI defines the following three services:


  • Address book: A database that contains addressing information.
  • Transport: Supports communication between different devices.
  • Message store: Stores messages that consists folders and subfolders.


Simple MAPI is a subset of 12 functions which enable developers to add basic messaging functionality. Extended MAPI allows complete control over the email system. SolarWinds SAM , server monitoring tool has a built-in MAPI User experience monitor that can send an email from your SMTP mail server to your Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox, thus, measuring the time it takes to complete the trip. You can use this component monitor to measure the performance of Outlook making you a exchange monitoring expert.


Now you know more about MAPI than you did 30 seconds ago! Happy exchange peformance monitoring. :-)