Good question! (I know that’s a good question because that was one of my first when I took on the task of writing the server monitoring tool, SAM Admin Guide.) As we all know, both applications and templates are home to various component monitors. That said, it can be argued that both applications and templates are basically the same thing. That argument would be correct, for the most part. Relax! server management is easy with SAM.


So the next logical question is, “If they’re basically the same thing, why the two names?” The correct answer is, “Well, they’re not exactly the same thing.” (Thanks for playing.)


Now that I have you thoroughly confused, let me explain. The official explanation can be found here, but that’s just too darn…boring (and I wrote it). I find the following definition much easier to remember: An application is a template that is currently assigned to a node. A template is an application that is unassigned. In other words, once you assign a template, it becomes an application. Voila! Confusion be gone! So, now you are a server performance monitoring expert.