Referencing an early blog post, where I spoke about how to *not* overcomplicate windows, I promised you a Part 2. Here are some additional tips and tricks to that can help you save time, and simplify Windows administration.


  • Knowing and managing your Active Directory and Exchange server well. AD management can be a time-consuming task for adding, editing, deleting, and searching for AD properties and attributes. Using some automation effort and Active Directory tools can help you take the pain out of AD management.
  • Defining proper administrative privileges for end-users. There are so many common issues when the user mistakenly or deliberately changes a setting. Effectively defining access permissions will ensure these issues don’t happen at all.
  • Remotely resolving issues by establishing a secure and effective remote connection with the end-users’ Windows desktops.
  • Using web-based Windows password reset tools/services whereby the domain users can login to the self-service and reset system password. Research says password recovery/reset tasks consume about 40% of a day’s time for an IT admin. This can be reclaimed for other critical tasks.
  • The network and infrastructure are always going to grow. Estimation and planning the expansion ahead will help to build and deploy more scalable and flexible hardware and software to support the growth of IT infrastructure.


I am interested in your feedback, views and comments and also any interesting time-saving IT administration stories that have made you an IT rock star. Feel free to comment and share!


And on a parting note - if you are looking for a tool that can help you with remote support. Check out DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) - MRC makes it simple and secure to establish remote control access to your Windows system. Get the “standing-over-the-shoulder” experience with MRC and truly "Do I.T. Remotely" - and maybe stop walking to every end-user's desk for system administration tasks!