The two most frequently asked questions we have been asked lately on patch management are:


• When will SolarWinds Patch Manager support System Center Configuration Manager 2012?
• How long does it take for the Patch Manager team to turn around a package after the ISV has announced patch availability?


Patch Manager will support SCCM 2012 in September.  SolarWinds Patch Manager, the ideal patch management software, extends the power of ConfigMgr to help you keep your desktops, laptops, and servers patched and secure with the latest patches for both Microsoft and other 3rd party applications. With Patch Manager, you’ll save hours upon hours of time on your WSUS patch management and eliminate patch management headaches by deploying patches for 3rd party applications right along with your Microsoft patches – Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) is not required.  Check out this new video to get a sneak peek on our upcoming release or you can check out the Sneak Peek Webcast replay for the gory details on our patch management solution.


We have also recently published a handy table in PatchZone that documents how long it takes for the Patch Manager team to make available 3rd party packages.  As you can see, our packaging team is AWESOME – and in most cases it only takes about a day or two for the package to be uploaded to the Patch Manager catalog.


If you have not done so already,  check out the SolarWinds Patch Manager and get a free 30 day trial of Patch Manager.