How many times have you received a call from an unhappy user about poor call quality?  If you’ve deployed any kind of VoIP system, then the answer is probably more than you want. Unfortunately, up until this point, there has not been a good way to troubleshoot poor VoIP performance without using invasive network probes or protocol analyzers. SolarWinds does not like to leave hard IT problems unsolved.

Today SolarWinds released the latest product within our network management family of products, VoIP and Network Quality Manager 4.0 (VNQM).  VNQM is an evolution of our IP SLA Manager product that adds support for VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting to the existing WAN performance monitoring.  If you have been looking for an affordable easy-to-use product that will help you resolve VoIP call quality and connection problems, then look no further. 

VNQM allows IT pros to search and filter call detail records (CDRs) and then view the pertinent call details, including:

  • call origination, destination, region, or call manager
  • call time
  • call status
  • jitter
  • latency
  • packet loss
  • MOS, and more.


CDR Search.png


The CDR can then be correlated with the IP SLA operation that corresponds to the call path in order to troubleshoot and pinpoint the cause of poor quality in the network .


Call Detail View.png


VNQM Highlights:

  • Monitor and Troubleshoot VoIP Call performance by correlating individual call performance with corresponding WAN performance
  • Search, filter, and display call detail records (CDRs) to aid in troubleshooting
  • Monitor site-to-site WAN performance using Cisco IP SLA technology
  • Download, install, and deploy in less than an hour


Below are a number of resources regarding SolarWinds new VoIP and Network Quality Manager:


If you are an existing IP SLA Manager customer under active maintenance, you can enjoy all of the new features of VNQM by upgrading your license within your customer portal.