dThe latest patch update for Firefox 13.0.1 , which was updated in the SolarWinds Patch Manager Catalog today, contains 3 bug fixes and also includes all of the security updates made in version 13.  Below are the bug fixes-see the release notesfor more info. Patch Management & WSUS patch management simplified!


• Windows Messenger did not load in Hotmail, and the Hotmail inbox did not auto-update (764546, fixed in 13.0.1)

• Hebrew text sometimes rendered incorrectly (756850, fixed in 13.0.1)

• Flash 11.3 sometimes caused a crash on quit (747683, fixed in 13.0.1)


In addition, Mozilla Thunderbird also released a minor update – 13.0.1 - which contains a few bug fixes.

• YouSendIt no longer expires Filelinks after 1 week

• The prompt given when a password had changed sometimes referred to a network error rather than a change of password

• Some Linux users may have been unable to start Thunderbird from outside the installation directory

• Miscellaneous other stability and display updates


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