Last week we co-hosted a webcast presented by Randy Franklin Smith of entitled "Auditing SharePoint Activity for Compliance and Security". For those of you who haven’t thought about it, protecting information by constantly monitoring logs and event data has been the primary course of action to uphold the gospels of information security: integrity, confidentiality and availability. Microsoft SharePoint services and solutions have empowered organizations to realize high levels of productivity and efficiency, but their adoption also presents distinct compliance-related
challenges.  What I realized watching this webcast is; SharePoint does have some basic inbuilt data security and user and content management features such as letting configure user permissions, prevent unauthorized access that could lead to data loss or theft. SharePoint also has basic reports to audit site collections. But this is not enough for compliance, security and auditing purposes.  LOGbinder SP combined with our SIEM tool Log and Event Manager (LEM) makes auditing SharePoint log activity for compliance and security easy and pain free. LEM has built-in support for LOGbinder SP agent for real-time log analysis, event correlation, alerting and reporting and active responses which dramatically improves the effectiveness of the process.

You can watch the recorded webcast or download the slides.

Does your organization use SharePoint? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Post your thoughts regarding SharePoint compliance and security concerns you might have today.