Windows system utilities and other third-party tools may be taking more of your time than you think. We recently did some research into common tasks in a sysadmins day, and looked at how native tools can be taking more time than you realize.  

For example – let’s consider Active Directory management. When you are managing AD with included tools, you may find yourself in the situation where you need an individual tool to perform every task. There’s no comprehensive

way to launch them, and it involves a lot of starting, stopping, and logging in.  You might need additional 3rd party tools to discover users, systems, and domains, and then add those to the AD interface. Plus, not all tools will support all the objects and attributes of Active Directory. So, if you want to manage things like photos or some other data, that may not be possible from your current tools.

Another task we looked at is remote Windows management to accomplish tasks like:

  • Editing/ modifying registry settings and system services
  • Implementing access and logon policies
  • Forcing encryption and policies
  • Monitoring processes, killing or restarting applications, deploying/uninstalling software or to shutting down/restarting systems or operations

Again, to do these tasks with native tools, you are looking at adding systems, servers, domains and nodes manually and logging into the remote machines individually.

One really obvious place sysadmins and IT generalists can save time is by upgrading their tools for remote connection and support. With native tools, you have connection limitations, you’ll need to call the end-user if you want to discuss things, taking screenshots is a multi-step pain, and file transfer isn’t easy either.

We looked at several other common tasks, and then compared how long it takes to do these tasks with native tools vs. DameWare NT Utilities. To see the comparisons in action, check out this webinar.  You can also see the slides on Slideshare here.