A couple of weeks ago we hosted a webcast called "Back to the Basics of Network Management". Our "back to the basics" webcasts are always a big hit but maybe not for the reasons that you'd think...

Yes, many folks that attend these webcasts are new to IT management and may be implementing the first network management system within their company. However, more and more we talk with people that are instead starting over from a network management perspective and want to be sure that they get the fundamentals down correctly before moving on to more advanced topics. Most of the folks that are starting over are either replacing open source systems, home grown systems, or traditional "heavy systems" like HPOV, Spectrum, and Tivoli.

During this webcast we covered the fundamentals, i.e. the basics of network management and how to get started with them. You can watch a recording of the webcast here or you can download the slides here.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments. We'll be expanding this with a "back to the basics of systems management" very soon.

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