It's hard to imagine working in a company nowadays that doesn't leverage shared storage and virtualization. These technologies have revolutionized the ways that we think about computing resources, server technologies, and our data centers as a whole. I mean think about it, without these technologies things would be dramatically different. How much would you have to physically expand your data centers if all of your servers were physical and had their locally attached/installed storage?

Day after day I talk with customers and members of the IT community that are expanding their usage of virtualization and storage technologies and one common thread always presents itself - these technologies are great but they require specialized management tools to get the most out of them.

Well, as of today I'm happy to say that SolarWinds is even more equipped to help with that. Today we announced the availability of two new products - the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and the SolarWinds Storage Manager.

You can check them out on and as always, you can download them for free to try them out for yourself.

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