Last week I was in Sydney Australia for the first ever SolarWinds live community event in the land down under. We've done several webcasts and web oriented events for our Australian community and the larger APAC region but this was the first time I've traveled to Australia in person to meet with our customers and community members. As you might know, we opened a regional office in Singapore a few years back and last year we opened our first office in Australia.

It was a fantastic event and I was blown away by how many people showed up and how engaged everyone was during our technical sessions. I don't think we made it to the end of any of our presentations as we had so many great questions and discussions going on and to me, that makes for a much better event than some yahoo talking at you from the podium and flipping through a bunch of slides (yeah, I'm that yahoo sometimes).

I saw two interesting trends. First off, while over the last few years IPv6 has seen more interest and momentum in APAC it seems that adoption is only slightly ahead of the curve in that region. Secondly, cloud computing - specifically public cloud - seems to have gotten more traction there than here in the US. Of the people in attendance, over half were either already leveraging  public cloud resources or were planning to within the next 12 months.

While I was there I did have a chance to take in some of the sights. I visited Darling Harbor, The Rocks, Manly Beaches, Circular Quay, the Sidney Opera House (though from a distance) and just generally walked around the city for hours and hours. It's a beautiful place. I planned a long motorcycle tour for Saturday but alas the rain and wind didn't cooperate. Why couldn't it have rained on one of the days we were inside so I could go riding on Saturday!!!

Thank you to everyone who attended - customers, partners, community members and to all of the SolarWinds team that helped to make this such a great success. I hope to return soon and stay tuned for a community event coming to your neck of the woods...

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