As many of you know, the process of mapping out all of the connections to your Ethernet switches is a tedious and time consuming project. Sure, if you have  a newbie network administrator on your team it’s a great way to break them in but otherwise it might just fit into the category of “cruel and unusual punishment”. Using telnet or SSH to pull the CAM or MAC tables from your switches, doing the same for the ARP tables on your routers, somehow matching them up and then trying to add DNS information, duplex settings, and etc can take forever and by the time you get it finished things are likely to have changed.  To add insult to injury, you probably won’t take the time to do this until you’re troubleshooting an issue and so you’ll be rushed and probably only partially complete the job.


To help make this easier and because we know that budgets are tight out there, we’ve updated the SolarWinds Switch Port Mapper and made it available as a low-cost, standalone tool for everyone out there. There’s a free evaluation version that you can try out and then you can purchase the licensed version online. The first time you use it it’ll more than pay for itself – trust me.


Additionally, to help kick off this new product we’re sponsoring a photo and video cabling contest through March 9. “What’s Hiding in Your Closet” is contest for those of you that have the best Clean and Creative cabling jobs and those of us (like me) that have the most Catastrophic looking wiring closets in the world. We’ll post the submissions on SolarWinds’ Facebook page, and announce the winner in each category on March 16. For more details regarding the contest instructions, and terms and conditions, please visit SolarWinds’ Facebook page.


Whether you decided to enter the contest or not, download the Switch Port Mapper and try it out. I think you’ve be impressed with how easily it maps out your LAN infrastructure and the details that it provides on a port by port basis.


Flame on…


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