Last week I was over in London at Cisco Live (Cisco Networkers for any old timers like me out there) speaking and meeting community members at the SolarWinds booth. It was a great event by all accounts and especially timely with the IPv4 address depletion which occurred last week.


One of the most common things I was asked about was configuration management. How to backup the configurations from all of your network infrastructure devices (routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, VPN concentrators, and the like), how to validate that the configurations comply with all of your standards and any mandated policies that apply to you, how to detect configuration changes in real-time, and most of all – how to push configuration changes out to your devices.


Configuration management certainly isn’t a new field but for many of us the tools that have been available to help with these tasks have lacked a lot in terms of usability and device support – especially in heterogeneous environments. This has forced many of us to create our own scripts for pushing out changes or backing up configs or to leverage free tools and open source tools to help close the gap.


This Thursday at 1100 CST we’re hosting a webcast to talk about the top 5 configuration management tasks and how to actually accomplish them using the SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager. This free training will be helpful to anyone in a network administrator role – regardless of whether or not you use SolarWinds applications.


Some of what we’ll discuss will include:


- Backing up the configurations of all of your routers, switches, and firewalls   
- Setting up automated configuration management jobs    
- Configuring and using real-time config change detection    
- Managing configurations against policies for compliance


You can go here to sign up for the event and I’m looking forward to collaborating with you.


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