Today I'm finalizing content and flying out to San Jose California to present at the Gestalt IT Net Tech Field Day. You can find some background on the event here, but in short it's a small conference where a dozen or so industry experts and bloggers get together to collaborate on what they're seeing in the industry and to hear from a small group of vendors about their technology. I haven't been to one Gestalt IT's events before but I'm super excited about this one. It's a great concept. I've attended some structured collaboration type events before and I found them to be super productive.

Honestly, I think I'd feel more comfortable attending as a blogger/expert and sitting in the audience but my role this time around will be representing SolarWinds as one of the 4 vendors chosen to be present. I'm really excited to meet in person some of the bloggers that I follow - many of which I've cohosted podcasts and webcasts with.

So, if you were attending this event as a senior technologist and hearing from me about SolarWinds - what would you wan to hear about?

Flame on...
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