OK, so maybe VMWare isn't a technology. VMWare is a company and the technology is virtualization, but I want to be specific. If you're in IT, anywhere on the infrastructure side - network engineer, system administrator, storage administrator, etc - you need to learn about VMWare's technologies in the virtualization space. The more you learn the better. This is fantastic technology and it's getting better every day. In this geek's opinion, there isn't a more important technology to be on top of for the next 5-7 years and it will continue to be a core part of IT infrastructure for the next 10-15.

Not only is it important technology that our companies will be leveraging within our datacenters but it's some pretty darn cool stuff. The tools that are available, the scripting you can do, the tweaking you can learn - it's a geek's dream.

The downsides of not learning about virtualization? Well, besides missing the chance to ride the most significant technology wave of the decade to heightened personal and finanical success - you'll be left scratching your head when the changes that virtualization is causing to the rest of your infrastructure cause you to have a band new set of problems. Just imagine that the computing density in your datacenters just went up by 50X and think about the bottlenecks you're going to have in LAN bandwidth, SAN IO, and storage space. And I haven't even mentioned VDI yet...

So, am I out in San Francisco at VM World 2010 drinking the Kool-Aid? Well, maybe so but nonetheless I standby my opinion.

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Next week, I’ll be flying out to the Bay Area for VMworld 2010. I don’t mind saying that escaping Austin TX and the 107-degree weather here sounds really good right about now!!!


This will be my first time at VMworld, so I’m pretty excited to see what type of show VMware puts on. In particular, I’m looking forward to hearing about any announcements VMware is planning to make and walk the show floor to see what everyone’s got up their sleeves for the virtual world. I know one session I won’t miss is my friend David Davis’ chat on the 10 best free tools for vSphere management.


I’m also going to be speaking on a panel with industry experts and veterans on the topic of Virtualization 101: Best Practices on How to Manage Storage and Virtualized Environments” at 10:30 a.m. PDT, August 30, in Moscone North Room 130. I’ll be sharing the stage with some cool folks it’s sure to be a thoughtful and informative discussion.


The other panelists are:

  • Moderator Chris Preimesberger, senior writer for IT publication eWeek;

  • Ken Barth, industry expert, former Tek-Tools CEO;

  • Bryan Bond, senior storage manager at Logitech USA and;

  • Lazarus Vekiarides, director of software engineering for EqualLogic Storage (Dell).


And, not to give away too much away, but if you like FREE tools you won’t want to miss my session since you won’t be leaving empty-handed…


It should be a great event – drop me a line if any of you are going to be at the show and want to meet up.


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Dear Traceroute,
Hello my dear friend. It's been a while since we last spoke but I was digging around in a packet trace today and saw you there so I thought I'd drop you a line. Things are great here. Summer is finally starting to wind down a bit and I'm gearing up for duck season. I think the last time we spoke, I was troubleshooting a connectivity issue between two of my WAN sites and you helped me determine which path the traffic was taking and where it was being blocked. I tell you, I'm not sure I could've worked through this without you. Thanks.

Remember that time we were trying to get VoIP turned up in our Singapore office and about half the time the call quality was so bad that we couldn't understand each other? I was really beating my head against the wall (literally) until you suggested we send a stream of UDP packets with ascending TTLs along the path to see identify all of the hops and then measure jitter to each of them separately to see where things were getting choked. I never would've guessed that it was the firewall here in the datacenter. I definitely owe you a beer or two for that one dude.

BTW, I heard that you're now working with Cisco to offer functionality in their IP SLA features. Gotta love that. What are they paying you? We just added support for the ICMP Path Echo and ICMP Path Jitter to our Orion IP SLA Manager - couldn't have done it without you man.

Anyhow, drop me a line sometime. I know you're busy hopping all over the place but I miss chatting with ya. When's the next time you're routing thru Austin?

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