Well folks, looks like I need a little bit of your help. I'm up for a couple of speaking opportunities (a panel and a presentation) at VMWorld. I've made it past the first round of selections but the second round is based upon votes from the community and so I need your help.

Please go and vote for each of the events here:

Panel - Virtualization 101: Best Practices on How to Manage Storage and Virtualized Environments"
(search the page for SolarWinds to find it)

Presentation - Effective Strategies for Managing VMWare Environments
(search the page for Josh Stephens or SolarWinds to find it)

You'll have to register to vote but it only takes a few seconds. Your help is greatly appreciated and if I'm selected I promise to tell you about the time I took down the power for an entire city in Canada with only a diesel truck, 120 feet of logging chain, and a whole lot of mud... Not only that, but if I'm selected meet me at the show and the drinks are on me :)

Flame on...
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