Sometimes doing things the hard way can get a bit tiresome. Don't get me wrong, I love the CLI. I love the God-like power that I feel when I'm sitting in front of a router and the entire team is standing behind me watching while I bring forth the magic. I love the fact that I've memorized all kinds of IOS syntax that that my skills when invoking this knowledge can bring young network padawans to their knees, bowing in homage to the network jedi that I have become... Of course, not everyone has an ego as large as mine and that needs such constant nourishment and so, thankfully, there are easier and better ways to configure your network devices.

One such way is the new Network Config Generator free tool from SolarWinds. This great new application will help you to build config scripts that be used to do common configuration changes like setting up VLANs, deploying NetFlow, or updating ACLs. It comes with several pre-written scripts and makes it really easy to edit or create your own. Additionally, the new Network Config Generator has a cool community feature which integrates the tool with a special area within the Content Sharing Zone of our community site This way you can share all the scripts you've created or download scripts from other users.

This new free tool is available as of today and can be downloaded from Check it out and let us know what you think.

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