In case you've been locked in a cave somewhere for the last couple of years and haven't noticed, here at SolarWinds we've been creating some great, free learning material for network engineers, network administrators, system administrators, and IT managers of all types. We've hosted and recorded dozens of webcasts, a myriad of videos, and several cool whitepapers among other things such as our Geek's Guides. To be honest, we've produced so much learning content that sometimes it's become hard to find the right content for the right situation. The answer - the new Geek Speak site at SolarWinds.Com.

Now officially launched, if you go to you'll see the new Geek Speak website in all it's splendor. Whether you're looking to learn how to enable NetFlow on your Cisco routers, debating the pros and cons of flow-based analysis vs. probe-based testing (like with Cisco IP SLA), or looking to find out the best ways to monitor applications on your Windows Servers, this new site was built for you - the network engineers and system administrators that keep this world spinning on a daily basis.

As you begin using the site you'll notice that we've organized the content by type and by category. So whether you're looking for bit of information via one of our Tech Talk videos or looking to learn a little more by watching one of the recorded Geek Speak webcasts.

This new site is one important piece of how we're going to be helping people like you and me to find the information that they need, when they need it, as quickly and effeciently as possible. Please check it out and let us know if you have any suggestions for making the site better.

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