It's hard to imagine a company today that doesn't rely heavily on Windows Server based applications. Sure, a lot of us have some Linux based apps, apps delivered via SaaS, and probably even some apps in the cloud where we're not 100% sure what they're running on; but chances are that you rely on Microsoft Exchange for e-mail, some SQL Server for databases, and Active Directory for authentication.

Monitoring Windows servers and Windows based applications can be difficult. Traditional network management systems don't support things like WMI and web based user experience monitors and traditional application managment products are very expensive and hard to use. Luckily, today we released a new tool to help make this easier...

The new WMI Monitor is a great tool for monitoring your Windows servers and Windows based applications using WMI. It installs in no time and creates a handy dashboard for your desktop to track the performance and status of Windows applications. Additionally, the WMI Monitor has a built-in WMI Browser which can be a huge asset when managing Windows Servers.

Here's a video with a quick demo of the new tool. Check it out and let us know what you think.


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