Every once and a while I get to do something really, really cool. No, it's not the same kind of cool as when my buddy Chris dated the co-captains of the kvanzant squad (twins no less) while he was in college there or yesterday when my pal Mark and his 2 hunting partners ended up with 4 gobblers in a single morning. Come to think of it, it's not the same kind of cool as when my friend Kramer got that job modeling underwear for Calvin Klein or when my friend kvanzant was recruited as one of the stunt men in Joe Dirt.

But, as a guy that's so geeky that if you cut me I bleed ones and zeros, quite frankly I can't imagine anything cooler than being able to announce our new products for helping our customers with their IP address management needs and being able to do it by introducing both a new FREE tool and a new module for Orion - the Orion IP Address Manager.

This is cool not just because it's a topic near and dear to my heart or because I've been tracking IP addresses in spreadsheets since Excel had a 64K row limit and I had to have multiple files just to track my entire address space. It's cool because our customers have been asking for this functionality for a long time and now it's here, it's easy to use, and it's affordable.

So, tonight I'm going to go home and celebrate a little. I think I'll light up the fireplace and burn some old IP address spreadsheets I've been saving. Maybe I'll even have a glass of wine, one of those cuban cigars I snuck back from Cisco Networkers in Barcelona, and maybe even watch a bit of Joe Dirt on the TiVo. Yes, life is good...

Flame on...
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