Tonight I set out to write a quick tutorial on how trace route works but when I went to verify my writings I found that the description at was so much better than what I'd written I decided to talk about Wikipeda instead.

First off, there's a great definition of trace route and description of how it works here. Trace route is a great tool for troubleshooting network issues and the SolarWinds Trace Route tool within our Engineer's Toolset offers several unique advantages over and above what standard trace route tools do.

That out of the way, I have to say that Wikipedia is without a doubt one my favorite places on the web. I really don't know how I'd get by everyday without it. The fact that they're able to do what they do without selling advertising space on the site is just phenomenal.

A few months ago I remember getting an e-mail asking me to donate to Wikipedia and explaining they way that their business works and detailing out their operating expenses. At the time, I didn't think a lot about it but it's been waying on my mind since and it's now time to act.

Tonight I'm pledging a donation to Wikipedia. These folks have gotten it right and I salute them.

Flame on...