CES - the mack daddy of all geeky tradeshows here in the US - was held in Las Vegas last week and from what I hear it was AWESOME. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend personally but my good buddy greg@solarwinds.net did. Greg is the main dude when it comes to the Engineer's Toolset here at SolarWinds and knows more about SNMP than anyone else I know. Not only did Greg attend, but he actually helped to manage the network during the show.

You see, there's this really cool company called Smart City Networks and they provide and manage the networks at most of the largest trade shows in the US. The folks over at Smart City are super cool and I've had the pleasure of working with them for years. They use SolarWinds applications like Orion and the Toolset to monitor/manage their networks and so Greg was onsite in their NOC during the show.

Greg says he had a great time and of course the folks from Smart City had everything well in check so he was actually able to break away and spend some time at the show as well as spend some time testing the new The specified item was not found. within the Smart City NOC.

Here are some cool pics of some of the engineers at Smart City and Greg managing the network during the show. I gotta get out there next year!!!

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