As I sit at my desk, having enjoyed a traffic-free commute this morning, I find myself rather enjoying the holiday feel around the office. You see, one of the perks of being Head Geek (HG) is that they remove the traditional door to your office and replace it with a high-velocity revolving door. This way people that need technical assistance and/or information can whip in and out of your office without really slowing down. It's quite efficient and enables you to help countless people every day that would've otherwise had to stand in queue.

While this is a great system, working around the holidays tends to provide a respite from the normal frenzy and allows me to get some work done and to also ponder some of the more important things in life and to be thankful for the things I've been blessed with. So, in typical HG fashion, here's a quick list of the Top 5 Things I've been Blessed with This Year:

#5  802.11n. Yes, it's been around for more than a year but this year saw it being adopted much more broadly (industry wide and for me personally) and saw significant architectural advancements in the core that really allows us to leverage it. This is some flippin' sweet technology.

#4 I don't know when Hulu was started up, but I was only recently introduced to it by my buddy David Gardiner. I can waste time on that site like no other. It's one of my favorite stress busters.

#3  My iPhone and everything that goes with it (3G, Appstore, etc). Well, actually, it's not an iPhone but these iPhones as I've bought 3 this year but that's a longer story. Either way, I love my iPhone. My buddy kvanzant showed me a new game called "Fieldrunners" and now I love it even more. This year I've helped countless friends make the leap from older, inferior technology like Blackberries and Palm devices over to the iPhone and they're all better off for it. That's what I call "Sharing the Love". Now that I have an AppleTV as well, I have finally achieved a sort of divine technological balance in life. Yes, young grasshopper, balance is the key to a happy life.

#2  My yogi (or more correctly yogini). Didn't know that the HG does yoga, eh? Welcome to the enigma that is the HG. When I'm not at a computer twiddling bits or in the field with a shotgun making the grass grow, this is how I roll. If you don't practice all that I can tell you is that the quality of your yogi has a direct and colossal bearing upon the quality of your practice and I happen to have the very best. Namaste Monique - you rock.

#1  You. Our community - members of Thwack, readers of the blog, followers on Twitter, the staff here at SolarWinds, and attendees of webcasts. Conversing with you is the best part of this gig and contributes to this being one of the coolest jobs in the world. Whether we're discussing advantages of IP SLA vs. dedicated hardware probes or The specified item was not found. - it all contributes to this feeling of community that us geeks have grown to love.

Have a Happy Holiday, be safe out there, and Live Long and Prosper.

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