I get asked a lot about integrating Orion with helpdesk/trouble ticketing systems. As a matter of fact, I was in a meeting with a group of people here in NY today and the subject came up again, so I thought I'd blog about it tonight.


There are several really easy ways to integrate SolarWinds applications like Orion Network Performance Monitor (Orion NPM) and Orion Network Configuration Manager (Orion NCM) with trouble ticketing systems and these types of integrations can offer a lot of payback to your business. The easiest way to integrate the two systems is to have the Orion alerting engines send a message to the ticketing system when an alert is triggerred. This can be done with an SNMP Trap, a Syslog message, an e-mail, a script, or any of several ways but the real key is to have Orion include the fields that you want in the ticket and then configure the receiver to use those fields appropriately.


Additionally, many customers take advantage of Orion's open SQL database and the easy customization of the Orion website to do deeper integrations. There's really no limit here, as long as you plan head and document what you want to accomplish before you start hacking away (yeah, I know it isn't how we like to do it but trust me it works).


If you've integrated Orion with these types of systems in your environment or are interested in learning more about this please comment here, contact me directly, or it would be great if you could add to the forum thread on this subject here.


Anyways, I think I'll drop off for now as I got lost somewhere between the Philadelphia Airport and Atlantic City tonight in a rental car that was way too small and didn't have a GPS and ended up driving for an extra hour or two and my eyes are getting a bit blurry.


Although truthfully, I must admit that it's cool chillin' here at the Taj Majal in Atlantic City and I just noticed that even the soap has Trump's name on it. Dude, that's pretty cool.


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