On Thursday (8/28/2008) we'll be hosting a webcast on ways to reduce network firefighting. We'll be covering some best practices for quickly solving critical network issues and we'll even do a sneak peak at the new Orion NCM and the integration between that and Orion NPM.

One of the subjects we'll discuss is network issues that we've seen caused by configuration errors. I certainly know that I've brought down my share of networks over the years with fat-fingered ACLs, bad route statements, and spanning tree mishaps. If you have a cool story of a network issue you've seen that was caused by a configuration error, comment below and we'll provide a free lunch for you and your team (up to 5 people) for the best story.

You can sign up for the webcast here. I look forward to talking everyone - and if you can't attend we'll of course be posting a recorded version on SolarWinds.com under Geek Central.

Flame on...