For those of you that haven't seen it, Orion Application Performance Monitor (APM) Version 2.0 is now officially released and early feedback is that it's a big hit. As you know, Orion APM v1 focused on ending the blame game and giving us as network engnineers enough visibility into application status and performance to know if the issue was the network, server, application, or database.

APM 2.0 goes well beyond that and offers us the ability to do extensive server and application monitoring through built-in monitors, WMI, and custom scripts. Virtually any script that you've written for doing application/server monitoring or even downloaded to use with Nagios can be used within APM.

Additionally, APM includes an "App Builder" which makes building and applying new application monitoring templates a breeze. Also noteworthy, APM v2 gives you the abilty to monitor any windows performance counter with Orion.

When the dev team here told me what was in the release I must admit I was a bit skeptical but after having played with it for a few weeks now I'm very impressed. You can download an evaluation version for free from SolarWinds.Com and if you already bought APM and have active maintenance this is of course a free upgrade.

Flame on...