As those of you that are active in our beta programs know, we're about to release a new add-on to Orion that does "Application Performance Monitoring". The goal here is to provide some monitoring capabilities within Orion that provides application status and performance metrics from the needs perspective of the network engineer.

One of the things that I'm constantly challenged with is users complaining that they can't get to an application (that application could be making a phone call, surfing to YouTube, accessing the intranet, Exchange, a database server - whatever) because "the network is down" or "the network is slow". This new add-on should, among other things, provide me with the ability to know first if there actually is a network problem that is affecting applications and/or if the application itself is actually down.

All that said, in many cases I'm finding that the network staff is also being tasked with maintaining servers and applications and therefore their application monitoring needs are deeper than what I first envisioned. To that end, we've extended the capabilities of this new module and we will be continuing to do so over the next several months.

I'm curious how many of you are tasked with managing or monitoring applications and for those of you that are responsible for this, what level of depth you're looking for...