Recently I've been very involved in several discussions around the roles of CMDBs within different sizes of enterprise organizations. For those of you that aren't familiar, CMDB stands for Configuration Management DataBase. There's been a lot written on the subject in the last 18 months and if you're curious a Google search will provide enough reading to get you to St. Patrick's Day.

Anyhow, I'm finding that very large enterprises are implementing and/or adopting CMDB systems and practices at a quick rate. However, smaller organizations including some small, mid-sized, and fairly large organizations are either just starting about CMDB or have put it out beyond 2008 and therefore aren't really thinking about it all - or at least not in those terms. Most of the companies I've worked with are implementing features and/or procedures that would be a part of a CMDB strategy without necessarily setting out to do so.

For me personally, in working with most organizations, we rarely use the term CMDB but we commonly discuss more tactical items that fulfill the role of a CMDB. I'll talk a little more about these items and how they fit into an overall CMDB strategy within a few days. If you have an experience in this area I'd love to hear your opinon.

Flame on...

p.s. Happy New Year!!!