First of all, Happy Holidays and I hope that everyone out there has a very happy and safe holiday season. I've relaxed the blog a little over the last week or so in terms of new content as a lot of people are out for the holidays and I figured we'd get back to some deeper stuff in a couple of weeks.

A couple of noteworthy news items. First, as you've probably read, Cisco has decided to open up it's IOS. This has some pretty cool implications in our world as I would expect to see more standardization across the vendors and I also think that it'll allow third party companies to come up with some really cool simulators for training and modeling purposes.

Secondly, there have been several articles and blog entries lately regarding security threats from inside the network. Network World recently wrote this article and I noticed that several of the blogs that I read are talking about it -

This is an interesting topic and I also noticed that Cisco is doing a TechWise TV episode on the subject in a few weeks. I know that I've personally seen several instances where the network was compromised from within, but I think it's still tough to find the right balance between locking everything down and allowing enough flexibility so that the security measure don't become cumbersome to the everyday business.

Anyhow, enough for tonight as I finally broke down and got Gears of War for Xbox 360 and I'm wanting to give it a try tonight...