We had the opportunity to appear and participate in an episode of Cisco's TechWise TV a few days ago on the subject of effect VoIP deployment and management.  I thought the information was very good and we definitely got some great questions during the show. You can view the show by going here:


It's the one titled "Essentials of Successful VoIP Migration". We participated in the Q&A the whole time, but our appearance happens at around 28:50 in the episode.

Anyhow, in a previous post we talked about VoIP and QoS and one of the things that Jimmy Ray pointed out (Jimmy Ray Purser is the CTO of the show) is that in his experience there are three critical factors to any successful VoIP deployment - QoS, codec, and VLANs. I'm going to write a bit about each of these subjects as they pertain to VoIP, over the next week or two.

One of the more interesting things that he pointed out is that they actually recommend that your IP telephone and IP based video actually be prioritized as he second priority just behind all of your system level traffic (route updates for example). I hadn't really thought about this before, but it's a thought provoking concept...


Flame on...